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Estate Consolidation
Property Consolidation

As the years go by, we somehow manage to acquire so many items.   Many valuable, many sentimental, some no longer purposeful and others simply just have to go.  Perhaps you want to donate it all, plan to have an estate sell or maybe you only want to sell some very limited pieces.  We offer the right approach and solution to help you consolidate your personal property.

Downsizing & Transitioning

When the time has come and change is upon us, it can be unsettling and even overwhelming to figure out where to begin.  Once you have decided on the right living arrangement, our services can help you with this emotional transition.   We can organize your belongings, help you pack and offer guidance to make your move as smooth as possible.

Crisis Cleanup

Unfortunately, sometimes things can go really wrong.   Your home is no longer manageable, perhaps circumstances have created an environment which has become impossible to live in.   We understand the need and have the resources to swiftly correct the problem and remedy your space or income property.   

Appraisal Services

If you have an estate to liquidate, are seeking equitable distribution in a divorce case, are considering a charitable donation of personal property, or wish to insure personal belongings, you can trust in our experience.  Our appraisals are both professional and thorough, while our estate liquidations realize substantial profits and often uncover "hidden treasures" in the process.

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