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Real Estate Services
Real Estate Sales & Marketing

We work with top real estate brokerage firms and local agents here on Long Island and in The Hamptons.   We offer many real estate services, including residential and commercial sales, new development, rentals and property management.  It is our commitment to our clients, creative talent, attention to detail and our network of industry professionals that sets us apart from the competition.  

We have the knowledge and resources to do a competitive market analysis to determine your properties value.  We look at comparable sales in your area and do a detailed assessment of your home to determine the best listing price.  When sellers are misinformed of accurate data from the beginning, this often has the greatest negative impact on the sale and ultimately dictates a longer time on the market and a much lower selling price. 


Our expertise in home staging will prepare your home for the real estate market and we can suggest cosmetic maintenance and staging services.  We work with our clients to build a comprehensive marketing campaign through word of mouth, advertisements, direct mail and online real estate platforms.  We create personalized adds tailored to your home with photography images that will showcase and maximize its potential. 

Today there is nothing simple about a real estate transaction.  Whether you are buying or selling your home, need financing  or title insurance, we work with experienced legal professionals who can help you navigate through the process.  Our network of real estate attorneys are committed to providing the best possible legal council and will assure that your real estate transaction goes smoothly. 

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