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Real Estate Staging

Interior Design & Redesign

Professional Organization

Estate Consolidation

Virtual Staging

$50 Per Man-Hour

Additional Charges May Appy

$100 Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)

Quote Based On Consultation

$100 Per Hour For Redesign

Interior Design Call For Estimate

$50 Per Man-Hour Basic Services

Estimate  Call For Crisis Cleanup 

Prices Vary Based On Service


Interior Design Services

Basic Organization

Additional Services



Basic Services 

Crisis Cleanup

Concierge Services

$65 Per Man-Hour

Vacant & Occupied Spaces

Errands & Special Services


Price Estimates

Contact us today for an estimate.  We are happy to discuss with you your project requirements and can give you a detailed quote.   

Invoices are due upon receipt and are subject to New York State taxes.  A 50% deposit is required for special services $500 and above, along with a credit card number to keep on file.  


Additional charges for clean up / debris removal, equipment /materials may apply and must be paid in advance.


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