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The consultation process begins with a two hour room by room walk through of your home and its exterior.   This is when we do a very detailed assessment and make our recommendations on what can be improved.  We discuss focal points and positive features as well as how to depersonalize and detract from the negatives.

We offer many services that help in the preparation before the actual staging.  Whether you are changing wall and floor colors, updating fixtures, doing minor repairs, or a thorough cleaning, we will work with you to maximize your homes potential.  

We can "Remix and Match" all of your existing furniture and accessories, provide furniture rental services for vacant spaces and help you purchase new furnishings as well.

Depending on the project, we create a plan as to how the work will be done and include a quote for the cost of staging.  On average the cost of staging a home costs much less than the first price reduction!  



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